How Can I Charge My Bluetooth Speaker Without a Charger?

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You’ve lost the charger of your Bluetooth speaker or you broke it, and now you’re wondering whether you’ll have to invest in a brand-new charger? Well, you might not have to! Depending on your exact issue, we may be able to help you avoid spending additional cash. So, if you want to learn how to charge your Bluetooth speaker if you don’t have the charger, you should definitely keep reading our article!

How to charge a bluetooth speaker without charger? [5 Reliable Ways]

Here’s how you can charge a Bluetooth speaker without a charger: 

  1. Charge your Bluetooth Speaker Using a USB Cable and Your Laptop or Desktop
  2. Use a Power Bank
  3. Try Your Smartphone Charger
  4. Use a Charger from Your Car
  5. Buy a New Battery

Finding the Root of the Issue

The first step in finding the solution to your problem is to, of course, detect the exact issue you’re dealing with. We will present you with a couple of problems and the best way to solve them.

  1. You Have the USB Cable but Your Charger is Broken

In case you have a functional USB cable that you can insert into your speaker, but your charger is the problem, here are a few solutions that might help you.

Charge your Bluetooth Speaker Using a USB Cable and Your Laptop or Desktop

Probably the best alternative to the Bluetooth speaker charger is the combination of a cable with a micro USB port and your laptop or desktop. That’s because this device is much stronger than other devices on our list. So, there’s no risk of damaging neither your speaker nor your desktop or laptop. 

Using USB ports on your laptop/desktop is one of the easiest solutions

Using USB ports on your laptop/desktop is one of the easiest solutions

The whole process of charging your speaker will be very easy. Firstly, you’ll need to turn off your speaker. Then, you should insert one end of the USB cable into your speaker. The other end should go into the same-looking port usually found on the side of the laptop or on the CPU of your desktop. If you see a red LED light coming out of your speaker, it means that the speaker is charging! 

Use a Power Bank

Another great way to charge your Bluetooth speaker is via the power bank. Power banks are mobile batteries that store energy and then let it out when you connect them to a device that you want to charge. Nowadays, you can charge anything, from smartphones to headphones, MP3 players, and, you’ve guessed it – wireless speakers. Power banks are very handy little gadgets and you should have them, even if you have speakers, smartphones, and headphones that are perfectly functional and you have all the chargers. They are portable and they usually last pretty long.

Powerbank is the best solution for on-the-go use

Powerbank is the best solution for on-the-go use

Most power banks come with a regular micro-USB-to-USB-A cable. So, in case your speaker also has a micro USB port for charging, you shouldn’t have any problems. However, the latest power banks come with a USB Type-C port. Thus, if you’re buying a new device for charging your Bluetooth speaker, you should make sure the ports are compatible. 

Try Your Smartphone Charger

In case you don’t own any of the alternatives mentioned above, your smartphone charger will do. However, keep in mind that your speaker’s port won’t be compatible with iPhone chargers and newer Android ones. That’s because they have the USB Type-C port we mentioned above. So, you can charge your speaker with your smartphone charger if you own an older Android model. Or if you have one of the latest Bluetooth speakers with a USB-C charging port. 

Your smartphone’s charging adapter is also a viable solution

Your smartphone’s charging adapter is also a viable solution

The reason why a smartphone charger, even with the compatible port, is not the first on our list is that you can damage the charger and then have trouble charging your phone later. As phones and speakers have different mechanics and use different technology, they are not powered the same. Therefore, you shouldn’t risk ruining a perfectly good phone charger if it’s not really necessary.

Use a Charger from Your Car

You probably forgot that you have a charger in your car that you can use to charge your speaker. In case your car charger has a regular micro USB port, you will most likely be able to charge the speaker without problems. This option is also not a long-lasting one, since car chargers are usually weaker than regular ones and they’ll probably take longer to charge your speaker. But, in case you really need your Bluetooth speaker to work immediately, they can be a great alternative to the speaker charger. 

Car charger with USB ports

Car charger with USB ports – the best solution for car use

  1. You Don’t Have a USB Cable and Your Charger isn’t Working

If you don’t have a USB cable and you don’t want to buy it, there are still ways to charge your Bluetooth speaker.

Buy a New Battery

In case your speaker runs on batteries, the easiest way to have a working speaker is by replacing its batteries. There is also a possibility that batteries are the source of your charging issue. So, buying new ones may solve all of your problems. Either way, as batteries aren’t as expensive as buying another device, it’s worth trying.

However, the problem with this method is that most Bluetooth speakers don’t have replaceable batteries. In fact, only a few models have clearly labeled battery compartments and user-replaceable batteries (ION Audio Bluetooth speakers and SOUNDBOKS speakers come to mind). In most cases, if you need battery replacement, you have to send your speaker to the factory or to an authorized service and they will replace the battery for you.

Battery replacement – ION Bluetooth speakers

In Conclusion

There you have it – five different ways to charge any Bluetooth speaker when you don’t have a charger, depending on your exact issue. We hope that you found your preferred method and that you can now charge your speaker and enjoy your favorite tunes! 

However, you should keep in mind that most of the solutions we mentioned aren’t the best for longer periods of time and can seriously damage your speaker or the alternative charger you’re using. 

On the other hand, in case you decided to make your own charger, make sure that you follow our steps correctly in order to stay safe and avoid damaging your speaker. In case you found our article useful, you should definitely check out our other articles!