How to Increase Bass on AirPods? Complete Guide

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The Apple AirPods have been one of the most popular earbuds in the last few years, thanks to their excellent design, convenience, and sound quality. However, fans of bass-heavy music genres such as modern pop and hip hop may want to increase the low-end response in their AirPods.

This article will show you how to increase bass on AirPods. There are multiple simple methods you can perform right now to make the low frequency stronger on your Apple earbuds.

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How to Increase bass on your AirPods [4 Methods]

Here are some methods that you can follow if you wish to increase the bass on your AirPods:

  • Update Equalizer Settings
  • Use Silicone Earbud Tips for a Tighter Fit
  • Turn Off Active Noise Cancellation
  • Increase the Sound Quality of your Music

Methods to Increase Airpod Bass

How to Increase Bass on AirPods?

As we will discuss below, there are different methods to increase the bass on your AirPods. Some of them are very simple, such as fine-tuning the equalizer settings on your phone. Others may require you to spend some money, such as buying silicone earbud tips, but the result will be excellent.

Update Equalizer Settings

This is one of the simplest methods you can do right now to improve your AirPods sound and adjust them to your taste.

How to Update Equalizer Settings – iTunes/Apple Music

Update Equalizer Settings

If you’re using Itunes or Apple Music on your iPhone and want to improve your bass response, there’s a simple setting you can activate to do so.

  1. Open your iPhone’s Settings.
  2. Scroll down until you find Music
  3. Tap on EQ
  4. Tap on Bass Booster

How to Update Equalizer Settings – Spotify

Update Equalizer Settings on Spotify

The app allows you to fine-tune the equalizer settings if you’re using Spotify. You have control not only of the low frequencies but over other bands of the frequency spectrum, such as the mids and highs.

  1. Go to your Spotify Settings
  2. Tap on Playback
  3. Scroll down and tap on Equalizer
  4. Now, you can select a preset such as Bass Booster or adjust each band of the frequency spectrum to your taste. We recommend you increase the content in the 60Hz and 150Hz area.

Use Silicone Earbud Tips for a Tighter Fit

Bass frequencies travel easier by physical surfaces than by air, meaning that the tighter your AirPods fit in your ear canal, the best the bass response will be. If your earbuds have a loose fit, this will significantly impact their bass response.

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Luckily, you can quickly solve this by buying a pair of silicone earbud tips specially designed for the Apple AirPods that will make them fit tighter in your ears. We recommend this one since it is priced at only $8.99 and comes with a set of 5 pairs.

Before buying these silicone tips, try to adjust the position of your AirPods in your ears. Sometimes this can make a world of difference when it comes to bass response.

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Turn Off Active Noise Cancellation

Active noise cancellation is a great feature of the Apple AirPods since it constantly listens to the noise around you and adjusts the sound so you can’t hear it. However, this setting will often interfere with the low frequencies, so we advise you to turn it off if you want a better bass response in your AirPods.

Increase the Sound Quality of your Music

Most streaming platforms allow you to update the sound quality of your music. While lower-quality playback will load faster on slower internet connections, it will impact the quality of your music, especially on the low and high end of the frequency spectrum.

The solution is always to choose the highest quality available on your streaming platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Bass on my AirPods so Quiet?

There could be many reasons why the bass in your AirPods sounds less than ideal, including equalizer settings, an improper fit of the earbuds on your ear canal, and low-quality playback. We suggest you go through every step listed in our article to find the best solution for your particular use case.

Why does my Bass Sound Distorted on AirPods?

Again, there could be many reasons why the bass playback is distorted on AirPods, but most of the time, the problem is a damaged driver.

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As you can see, increasing the bass on the AirPods is easy, and you can do it right away by changing a few settings on iPhone’s equalizer and checking if your AirPods fit tightly into your ear canal.

If you want your AirPods to fit better in your ears, we suggest buying a pair of silicone tips like these. Also, check if your streaming app uses the highest quality playback possible since low frequencies can get lost when using any quality lower than 320kbps.

Thank you for reading our article on how to increase bass on AirPods. Few free to contact us if you have any questions!