Top Rated Portable Bluetooth Speakers With Wheels In 2024

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What’s the point of a tailgate party or just any outdoor party if you don’t have some large and powerful speaker(s) to set the mood? Preferably, some portable Bluetooth speaker. Maybe even a Bluetooth speaker with lights. And wheels, don’t forget about the wheels. Why wheels? Well, because carrying a huge speaker around is quite exhausting – wheeling it, like a suitcase, doesn’t require that much effort and it’s much more convenient. We are here today to talk about portable Bluetooth speaker with wheels, discuss all the features you should pay attention to when buying one, and present to you our selection of 5 best portable Bluetooth speakers with wheels in 2024.

For starters, let’s just list some important characteristics you should think about when looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker with wheels. 

Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Wheels

First of all, the speaker you want to buy is probably big. It wouldn’t have the wheels if it wasn’t big. And, since it’s big, you probably want to use it for parties. So, what are the things to consider?

As always, the first thing to consider is the price/budget. You can probably get something decent for less than $100, but if you want it to be really good, you should spend more ($200+).

You should also pay attention to some specs. Check the woofers’ and tweeter’s size and type. If you want a speaker that can produce some serious bass, look for large woofers (8in, 10in, 12in). 

Also, you should check the Bluetooth specs – Bluetooth version, range, connection reliability, NFC pairing, multipoint pairing, supported codecs, etc. 

One of the most important features is the battery life. Nobody wants a speaker that can’t rock the whole night. So, look for a large and long-lasting battery

You must not forget about the build quality and durability, especially if you want to use it outdoors. You should be looking for a rugged speaker, with some reinforcements. Ideally, the speaker will also be IPX certified

Additional features, like built-in lights, AM/FM tuners, microphones (for karaoke parties), etc. are always welcome.  

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Wheels – Comparison Table

Portable Bluetooth Speakers with WheelsRatingPriceReview
ION Audio Block Rocker Plus4.5Check Amazon
Check Walmart
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QFX PBX-61081BT4.3Check Amazon
Check Walmart
Read Review
Pyle PSBT125A4.2Check Amazon
Check Walmart
Read Review
ION Audio Raptor4.3Check Amazon
Check Walmart
Read Review
Fisher FBX8184.1Check Amazon
Check Walmart
Read Review

After long research and testing, we’ve managed to shorten the list of viable options to 5 great models. The following speakers are our top picks.

5 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers with Wheels 

1. Best Under $200 – ION Audio Block Rocker Plus

ION Audio Block Rocker Plus

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ION Audio is probably best-known for its large Bluetooth party speakers, but they also make turntables, hearing protection headphones, and lighting equipment. 

Block Rocker Plus is a rugged, powerful, and versatile Bluetooth speaker with wheels. It comes with a wired mic which makes it a great choice for karaoke parties. The speaker is priced slightly over $150.  

Things we like

The speaker comes with all the necessary equipment including power/charging cable, AUX cable, wired microphone, and all the documentation. 

The design is simple and boxy, but still quite attractive. The speaker is large but still fairly portable. The dimensions are 14.6in x 9.8in x 17.4in and the weight is 20.7lb. On the left and right sides, you have two carrying handles. There’s a nice telescoping handle on the back and tiny rubberized wheels on the bottom. Handle and wheels make transportation much easier.  

The exterior is made of thick plastic. There are some rubbery reinforcements, too. The overall build quality is pretty good. The drivers are protected with a strong metal grille. However, the speaker is not IPX certified

Right above the grille, there’s a nice-looking control panel with a bunch of buttons and a backlit display in the middle. There’s a separate button for each source, for playback control, and for AM/FM radio presets. Also, there are two volume dials – mic volume and master volume. The panel also houses mic input and a standard 3.5mm AUX input. Everything is pretty intuitive.

When it comes to playback options, you have Bluetooth connectivity, old-school AUX input, and AM/FM radio. Bluetooth connection works well and it’s pretty reliable. NFC pairing is supported (NFC tag is on the top) but the multipoint pairing isn’t. Built-in AM and FM tuners are a great addition to the package. You’re not going to use them that much but it’s good to know that they are present. The FM reception is excellent, while the AM reception is not that impressive. You can save up to 20 presets. 

Party Block Rocker has a built-in SLA battery (Sealed Lead Acid) with 4Ah capacity. The advertised playtime is 50h (at moderate volumes) and the recharge takes 8h. Thanks to the USB charging port on the control panel, you can charge your phone/tablet while listening to music. 

Another great thing about Block Rocker Plus is the included wired microphone. If you’re a fan of karaoke, you can throw a nice party. The mic is only mediocre but it does the job. 

The speaker houses two drivers – 8in woofer and 3in wide-dispersion tweeter. The max power output is 100W and the frequency response is 70Hz-20Khz. The bass is strong, nicely layered, and punchy. The mids are clear and fairly detailed. The treble is not very detailed, it’s somewhat dull, and not very consistent.

Things we don’t like

The speaker does look rugged and durable but all the ports (power input, AUX input, mic input, USB powerbank port) are left unprotected and the speaker is not IPX certified. 

The speaker uses Lead Acid batteries instead of more common Li-ion batteries. The problem with SLA batteries is the shorter lifespan. After a year or so of use, the battery loses capacity and becomes weaker. The good news is that the battery is easily replaceable and you can buy a new one from the manufacturer. 

Comparison Table

2. Best Under $100 – QFX PBX-61081BT/SI


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QFX has more than 30 years of experience in making DJ equipment, party speakers, and all kinds of electronics. PBX-61081BT is a fairly large suitcase-like party speaker with wheels. It has a powerful battery and it’s quite versatile. 

Things we like

The speaker comes with a charging adapter, remote, user manual, and 1-year warranty. 

PBX-61081BT is a simple boxy speaker. It looks like a large suitcase. There’s an 8in woofer on the front, protected with a plastic grille. All the controls and inputs are on the back. The overall build quality is satisfying. The speaker is fairly large but still easily transportable (11.2in x 10.3in x 17.8in). It weighs 10.5lbs. 

QFX PBX-61081BT is fairly easy to use and control. The control panel is located on the back. You can also use the remote to select the source, control the volume and playback. On the speaker, there are three volume knobs – mic volume, echo, and master volume. 

Versatility is one of the best things about PBX-61081BT. The speaker features Bluetooth connectivity. It also has a built-in FM tuner (retractable FM antenna is on the back). You can play audio files from a USB drive or from a micro SD card. In the end, the speaker also has an AUX input for connecting analog audio sources. If you like karaoke, you’ll be happy to know that the speaker has a mic input. However, the microphone is not included. 

PBX-61081BT has a large Li-ion battery (4.5Ah). In Bluetooth mode, you will get up to 20h at 50% volume (less than 8h at full volume). The recharge takes 5-6 hours. 

The speaker features only one 8in woofer (no tweeters). As expected, the sound is pretty bassy, which could be a good thing for parties. 

Things we don’t like

The speaker has a mic input but the mic is not included in the package.  

PBX-61081BT feels rugged and durable but it’s not IPX certified. 

The midrange reproduction is somewhat muddy and lacks detail. Treble reproduction is probably the worst thing about this speaker – it’s quite dull.

Comparison Table

3. Best DJ Bluetooth Speaker Under $150 – Pyle PSBT125A

Pyle PSBT125A

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Pyle is a famous US-based audio company. A few decades ago, this brand was much more popular than today, but Pyle still makes pretty good audio equipment. That includes large Bluetooth speakers with wheels. PSBT125A is a versatile PA speaker. It’s great for DJing and for outdoor parties. 

Things we like

The speaker comes with a power adapter, remote, wireless mic, user manual, and a 1-year warranty. 

PSBT125A is fairly large but still easily transportable, mostly thanks to built-in handles and wheels. The speaker is boxy with soft and rounded edges. It looks like a stylish suitcase. The dimensions are 23in x 15in x 12in (H x W x D) and the weight is 20.3lbs.

The cabinet is made of ABS and feels solid and durable. However, due to all those open and unprotected ports, the speaker is not waterproof (no IPX rating). 

The speaker has a fairly simple layout. On the front, there are two drivers – 12in subwoofer and 3in tweeter. On the left and right panels, there are strong carrying handles. On the back, you have a telescoping handle which, combined with wheels, makes the transportation much easier. All the controls and inputs are also on the back. The speaker has numerous knobs for master volume, mic volume, echo, bass, and treble control. On this control panel, you will also see all the playback controls as well as the REC button. This button allows you to record your singing on a USB drive or on a micro SD card. 

When it comes to inputs, you have multiple options. You can use Bluetooth streaming or some of the available physical connections (USB, micro SD slot, AUX input). The speaker also has a mic input and it comes with a microphone. It’s a mediocre mic but it does the job and it’s fun. 

The speaker comes with two built-in 2.2Ah batteries. They provide 15h of playtime at moderate volumes. PSBT125A also has an external battery input so you can use it on the go even if your internal battery runs out of juice. 

The speaker features one 12in subwoofer and one 3in tweeter. The max power output is rated at 1200W. The bass is powerful and very deep – it’s perfect for parties. The mids are fairly accurate and dynamic but can get muddy when the bass-heavy music is played. The treble reproduction is quite consistent but lacks detail. The speaker can get very loud. 

Things we don’t like

The speaker does feel solidly build but it lacks IPX rating – it’s not even splash-proof.

Unlike most other portable Bluetooth speakers with wheels, Pyle PSBT125A doesn’t have an FM tuner. 

Comparison Table

4. Most Durable – ION Audio Raptor

ION Audio Raptor

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ION Audio makes many portable Bluetooth speakers with wheels so it’s not a surprise to see multiple ION Audio speakers on this list. Raptor is a product of ION’s partnership with Ford. It’s very rugged, quite powerful, it can be powered by your car battery, and it’s incredibly versatile. 

Things we like

The speaker is compact, boxy, with strong reinforcements on all sides. The drivers are protected with a strong aluminum grille with the Ford logo. All the other sides have rubberized panels. The overall build quality is pretty great. On top of that, all the inputs and outputs are protected with rubber flaps and the speaker is IPX4 certified. The Raptor is 18in wide, 18.5 tall, and 11in deep. It weighs 26.2lbs. Thanks to carrying handles on the left and right panels and those wheels on the bottom, the speaker is easily portable. 

The control panel is located on the front, right above the grille. It’s a fairly large panel with a nice display in the middle and numerous buttons and inputs around it. The controls are simple and intuitive – there’s a dedicated button for each source, for playback and tuning, for radio presets. There’re also two large dials for volume control (mic and master volume). On the left end of the control panel, there’s a rubber flap protecting AUX input (for connecting analog sources), AUX output (for wired daisy-chaining), and mic input. On the right end, there’s another flap protecting two USB charging ports. On the rear panel, there’s another rubber flap protecting power inputs. The speaker has two inputs one IEC power input and one 12V DC input. You can use the DC input to supply power from your car (the cable is included).  

When it comes to connectivity, you have Bluetooth (with a 100ft range), AUX input, AUX output, AM/FM tuners, and mic input (one wired microphone is included in the package). 

Raptor has a large 7Ah battery. The advertised playtime is 75 hours (at 50% volume, in Bluetooth mode). The recharge takes up to 6 hours.

One of the most interesting features of the ION Audio Raptor is a multicolor lightbar, located at the top of the front panel. The lightbar is protected with a grille, just like the drivers. There are three modes – the lights can follow the beat (pulse to the music), they can stay on steadily, or you can turn them off.

Raptor features 2 drivers – one 8in woofer and one 3in wide-dispersion tweeter. The max power output is 100W. The sound is bass-oriented with detailed mids and consistent treble. It’s loud enough for smaller parties

Things we don’t like

You should have in mind that the speaker is only splash-proof (IPX4), not fully waterproof (not IPX7).

The speaker uses SLA (sealed lead acid batteries) battery. As you may know, lead-acid batteries are inferior to Li-ion batteries when it comes to longevity. After some time (a year or so), they start to lose charge. The good thing is that the battery is easily replaceable and you can buy a new one from ION Audio. 

USB ports are used for charging only, not for music playback.

Comparison Table

5. Best Budget – Fisher FBX818

Fisher FBX818

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Looking for something really cheap but fairly versatile and powerful? Fisher FBX818 might be just the thing you need. The speaker is priced under $60. It features Bluetooth connectivity and a few more playback options, it’s battery-operated, and it has wheels. FBX818 is our top recommendation when it comes to cheap portable Bluetooth speakers with wheels. 

Things we like

Fisher FBX818 comes with remote control, charger, audio cable, and user manual. There’s a mic input on the speaker, but the mic is sold separately. 

Like many other Bluetooth speakers with wheels, FBX818 looks like a compact suitcase. It’s not small but it’s still easily transportable – the speaker is 11in wide, 10.5in deep, 13.5in tall, and weighs only 6lbs. The cabinet is made of ABS and seems fairly durable. 

On the front side, there’s a metal grille protecting single 8in woofer. All the controls and inputs/outputs are located on the rear panel. The controls are fairly simple and intuitive. You have 3 knobs for mic volume, echo, and master volume. The speaker houses one AUX input, one mic input, USB port (for music playback), and a micro SD card slot. 

FBX818 is quite versatile. It features Bluetooth connectivity with a standard 30ft range, but it also has a built-in FM tuner, micro SD card slot, and a USB port. So, there are many options for music playback. And don’t forget the microphone support. If you’re into karaoke, you can enjoy singing with your friend every day. 

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The speaker is battery-operated but the playtime is not great. At moderate volumes, you will get only 6 hours of playtime. That’s not exactly on par with other speakers from the list. The recharge takes up to 3h. The speaker has AC input for charging but it also has connectors for external battery (external DC input). 

The most interesting feature is the built-in lighting. The woofer is backlit and you can turn the lighting on/off by pressing the light switch on the back. 

FBX818 houses only one 8in woofer (no tweeters). The sound signature is quite bassy, which makes it perfect for parties. However, if you are looking for a balanced sound, you should try some other speaker. 

Things we don’t like

The speaker has a mic input but the mic not included. You have to buy it separately. 

FBX818 seems fairly durable but it’s not IPX certified. 

The battery life is quite modest and it’s not on par with other portable Bluetooth speakers with wheels. 

The distortion is quite noticeable at high volumes

Comparison Table

This was our list of 5 best portable Bluetooth speakers with wheels in 2024. Hopefully, it was useful and it helped you find something you like. To find out more about portable Bluetooth speakers with wheels and Bluetooth speakers in general, we advise you to read the FAQs. If you have further questions or want to share your opinion about a certain model, feel free to comment.


Q: What is the best sounding portable Bluetooth speaker with wheels?

A: There are numerous great-sounding portable Bluetooth speakers. When it comes to large Bluetooth speakers, some of our favorites are SOUNDBOKS speakers (the whole line), SONY XB speaker line, and JBL PartyBox speaker line. However, these large speakers don’t have wheels. If you want the one with wheels, the most reputable brands are ION Audio, Pyle, and ECOXGEAR. You can find all the best-sounding portable Bluetooth speakers with wheels on our list.  

Q: What are portable Bluetooth speakers with wheels good for?

A: They are good for all kinds of things, but mostly for parties – tailgate parties, karaoke parties, outdoor parties, etc. The thing is – they are large and they are bassy. Their sound signature is not something audiophiles would like but it’s perfect to set the mood for the party. 

Q: What should I look for when buying a portable Bluetooth speaker with wheels?

A: Well, most things you should pay attention to when buying a portable Bluetooth speaker with wheels are the same things you would pay attention to when buying any Bluetooth speaker. The only difference between this type and other large speakers is in the wheels (and the telescopic handle). 

So, as always, you will try to find something that fits your budget. For most people, that’s a very important criterion. 

You should also pay attention to the construction quality (IPX ratings, ruggedness, reinforcements), Bluetooth connection (version, reliability, multipoint pairing, etc.), battery life. Some speakers also have built-in lighting or AM/FM tuners. Some even come with detachable microphones. If you find some of these features important, you should look for a speaker that has them. 

In the end, regardless of the speaker type, Bluetooth or non-Bluetooth, we are all looking for a speaker that sounds good. And you are the one who decides what’s good and what’s not. Some people like overwhelming bass, some prefer more balanced music, some like mid-centric speakers. So, the only way to know whether you like how the speaker sounds, is to try it and see for yourself. 

Q: What is the loudest portable Bluetooth speaker?

A: A year and a half ago, we did an article on the loudest Bluetooth speakers on the market. Since then, some new models appeared but the situation hasn’t changed drastically. At the moment, our top recommendations when it comes to loudness are the NEW SOUNDBOKS (and the whole SOUNDBOKS line), DiamondBoxx XL, JBL PartyBox 1000, and Bumpboxx UpRock. 

Q: What is the best portable Bluetooth speaker for tailgating?

A: If you need a speaker for tailgating, you can check out our article on the best tailgate speakers. Or our article on loudest Bluetooth speakers. Or this article about the best portable Bluetooth speakers with wheels. We did numerous articles about large party speakers in the past. You can find many speakers suitable for tailgating on this website. You just have to check those articles out and find something you like.