Top Rated Wireless Speaker Conversion Kits

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Are you looking for a way to make your powered bookshelf speakers or your powered subwoofer wireless? Connecting a Bluetooth receiver to your speakers and streaming from a Bluetooth-enabled source device is the easiest and most affordable way of doing that. However, when you also have a non-Bluetooth source, you’ll need the whole wireless speaker conversion kit – the receiver for the speakers and transmitter for the source. Today, we are reviewing 7 best wireless speaker conversion kits in 2021. Hopefully, our article will help you find the best solution for your setup. 

So, why would you need a wireless speaker conversion kit? Well, this kit is needed if you want to stream audio from any non-wireless (non-Bluetooth) source to non-wireless speakers (or subwoofers). With a simple transmitter/receiver kit, you can make your stereo setup much cleaner. Or you can add wireless functionality to your subwoofer.

What kinds of wireless speaker conversion kits are there and what kind of kit do you need? For a simple stereo setup that includes non-wireless source and non-wireless powered speakers, the simplest and most cost-efficient solution is buying a Bluetooth transmitter and Bluetooth receiver (or RF transmitter and RF receiver). There are also special kits for making the subwoofers wireless (RF kits). Some of these subwoofer kits are made for a specific subwoofer but most of them will work with any powered subwoofer. In case you have a set of passive speakers, you’ll need a wireless transmitter (Bluetooth or RF) and a wireless receiver with a built-in amp. Naturally, the amplification of the receiver has to match the recommended power input of the passive speakers. 

Best Wireless Speaker Conversion Kits – Comparison Table

Wireless Speaker Conversion KitsRatingPriceReview
Amphony iFinity4.0Check Amazon
Check Walmart
Read Review
Dynasty ProAudio WSA-5TR4.3Check AmazonRead Review
Avantree Lock4.0Check AmazonRead Review
SVS SoundPath4.2Check Amazon
Check Walmart
Read Review
Klipsch WA-23.8Check Amazon
Check Walmart
Read Review
BIC America WTR-SYS4.1Check Amazon
Check Walmart
Read Review
Avantree TR5004.3Check AmazonRead Review

As always, we did our research, tested a bunch of popular and highly rated kits, and made a selection of 7 best wireless speaker conversion kits in 2021. In order to make your search easier, we did our best to find the best kit for each type and each price range. The following products are our top picks. 

7 Best Wireless Speaker Conversion Kits in 2021

1. Best Subwoofer Kit Under $60 – Amphony iFinity

Amphony iFinity

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Amphony makes Bluetooth and RF receivers and transmitters, DACs, and wireless speakers. Amphony’s products are usually budget-oriented. Most of these products provide very good performance for the price. iFinity wireless speaker kit is one of those. 

Things we like

Amphony iFinity is advertised as a wireless kit for subwoofers and surround speakers but it’s probably smarter to use it for subwoofers only. It will work with surround speakers but only if they are powered (or powered bookshelf speakers). 

The packaging includes RF transmitter, RF receiver, two sets of RCA cables, and power adapters. Technically, you don’t have to buy anything but we strongly recommend to buy some higher-quality RCA cables. 

The transmitter and receiver look exactly the same. They are both black, boxy, very compact, and light. Each has the sync button and LED connection indicator on the top. On the back of each unit, there’s a power input and two RCA connections (inputs on the transmitter, outputs on the receiver).

The installation is smooth and painless. It takes less than 5min. Once the units are synced up and the audio is played, it will come through your subwoofer. The connection is pretty stable and the range in real-life conditions is approx. 35-50ft (depending on the walls, furniture, etc.). 

The manufacturer claims that iFinity transmits the whole audible spectrum but, there’s a noticeable difference in sound quality when using a wired connection and this kit. That’s why we think you shouldn’t use this kit for powered stereo speakers. The bass performance with and without the kit is fairly similar and that’s why it’s smarter to use iFinity to make your subwoofers wireless. 

One iFinity transmitter can stream audio to four receivers which allows you to make a simple and cheap multiroom speaker system but, as mentioned above, we don’t recommend using this kit for powered stereo speakers. 

Things we don’t like

The receiver doesn’t feature any amplification and can’t be used with passive speakers. 

Some previous customers had issues with the connection quality (audio cutouts, high sensitivity to interference). Our unit worked fine and we didn’t experience any problems. 

Comparison Table

2. Best Subwoofer Kit Under $80 – Dynasty ProAudio WSA-5TR

Dynasty ProAudio WSA-5TR

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Dynasty ProAudio is a small company that makes only wireless audio solutions (wireless speaker conversion kits) and phono preamps. Regardless of the lack of a strong reputation, Dynasty ProAudio’s WSA-5TR is an excellent choice if you need something reliable and affordable. 

Things we like

WSA-5TR kit includes WSA transmitter and receiver, as well as all the necessary cables (RCA to RCA, RCA to AUX) and power adapters.

Both units look exactly the same. They are both very small, boxy, and light. On the front side of each unit, there’s a single LED connection indicator. On the top, you’ll see the company logo. On the back, there are two RCA inputs/outputs, the sync button (labeled as M), and power input. 

The installation is fast and simple. You just have to connect the transmitter to your AV receiver, connect the WSA-5TR receiver to the powered subwoofer. Plug both units in, sync them up, and you’re ready to go.

The kit works on 5.8GHz frequency which eliminates interference coming from your home wi-fi network and Bluetooth devices. This guarantees flawless and perfectly reliable signal transmission. 

In case you experience some interference, you can switch the transmission channel by pressing that M button on the back and find the frequency with a clearer transmission. The unobstructed range is 100ft but, in real-life conditions with walls and everything, you can probably get 30-50ft. 

One transmitter can send signals to 4 receivers which allows you to make a cheap and very effective multiroom speaker system.

The sound is clear, detailed, and uncompressed. We’ve had no issues with audio delays and signal cutouts. 

Things we don’t like

There’s a barely noticeable amount of white noise when the audio is not being transmitted. 

Some cordless phones use 5.8GHz frequency and if you have one of those, you should put it as far away as possible from the WSA-5TR. Since those phones work on the same frequency as this kit, they can cause some interference. 

Comparison Table

3. Best Bluetooth Speaker Kit Under $80 – Avantree Lock Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Kit

Avantree Lock Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Kit

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Avantree is one of the brands we really like and you can often find their products on our best-of lists. Why? Well, because their products, almost by default, deliver excellent performance for the price. Avantree makes headphones (for TV watching, for gaming), wireless earbuds, speakers, and all kinds of wireless adapters (in-car Bluetooth adapters, Bluetooth transmitters, Bluetooth receivers, etc.). Avantree Lock wireless speaker kit is a great multipurpose option – you can connect the transmitter to any source with a 3.5mm or RCA audio outputs (TV, CD player, etc.) and stream music to any pair of speakers or headphones with a standard AUX or RCA input. 

Things we like

The Lock kit comes with all the necessary cables including charging cables, RCA cable, AUX cable, and 3.5mm audio adapter.

Both transmitter and receiver look exactly the same. They are tiny, circular devices. They look like Google Chromecast Audio and they are about the same size. They have all the same inputs, outputs, and controls. The only way to distinguish them is to check the labels on the top (TX–transmitter, RX-receiver). Both units have an LED connection indicator light on the top. Also, each has one AUX input/output and a micro USB charging port on the front panel. ON/OFF switch is on the back. 

The installation is smooth and painless. The units are pre-paired so you don’t have to do anything – just turn them on and they will be paired in seconds. 

The transmitter features Bluetooth 3.0 while the receiver features Bluetooth 4.2. It’s a little bit odd that the units don’t use the same Bluetooth version but they are still perfectly compatible and offer perfectly reliable performance. Both transmitter and receiver support aptX and aptX LL audio codecs, which guarantees high-quality and delay-free wireless audio. The unobstructed range is 100ft. In real-life conditions, it’s 30-50ft. 

Both units are also battery-operated. The transmitter has a 270mAh battery and delivers 6 hours of streaming. The receiver has longer playtime (8-9h) but, since the units have to work together, you will get six hours of continuous playtime. 

The performance of the Avantree Lock Bluetooth set is practically flawless. We didn’t experience any signal loss or sync issues. 

Things we don’t like

The playtimes of the transmitter and receiver don’t match. Upgrading the transmitter and adding a larger battery would make this kit even better. 

Comparison Table

4. Best for SVS Powered Subwoofers – SVS SoundPath Wireless Kit

SVS SoundPath Wireless Kit

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SVS is known for its speakers, home theater and surround sound systems. Their speakers are not cheap but are very good. Since recently, they also make wireless powered speakers and wireless adapters for their subwoofers. SoundPath wireless kit is designed for SVS subs, but it can also work with powered subwoofers made by other manufacturers and with powered stereo speakers. 

Things we like

SVS SoundPath wireless adapter comes with all the necessary cables (RCA and AUX) and adapters so you don’t have to buy anything. It also comes with a 5-year warranty, which is pretty impressive. 

The receiver and transmitter look exactly the same. They are both compact, boxy, and quite light. On the top of each unit, there’s the sync button, LED connection indicator, and a tiny SVS logo. 

On the front of each unit, there are 3.5mm AUX input/output and a micro USB power input. 

The installation is hassle-free – connect the transmitter to the AV receiver, connect the receiver to the subwoofer, plug them in, and press the sync button on both units. That’s it. 

Transmitter and receiver use 2.4GHz radio frequency to communicate (2.404GHz-2.476GHz). The unobstructed range is 65ft. In real life, you’ll get up to 30ft. The transmission is flawless and without interruptions or hiccups. 

The SoundPath kit can stream high-quality audio (up to 16bit/48kHz) wirelessly without any delay. It works perfectly fine with both subwoofers and powered stereo speakers. One transmitter can send audio wirelessly to three receivers which allows you to make a nice multiroom speaker system. 

Things we don’t like

Because of 2.4GHz operating frequency, there’s a chance of interference. Your home wi-fi network and Bluetooth devices also use this part of the frequency spectrum and if some Bluetooth or wi-fi device is located nearby, you may experience some issues. 

Comparison Table

5. Best for Klipsch Subwoofers – Klipsch WA-2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit

Klipsch WA-2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit

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Klipsch WA-2 is designed exclusively for powered subwoofers and can’t be used with other powered speakers. In fact, it can’t even be used with any subwoofer but only with those equipped with WA port. That includes some Klipsch subs (SW-110, SW-112, SW-308, 310, and 311), two Energy subwoofers (ESW-M6 and M8), one Jamo subwoofer (SUB 800), and two Mirage subs (MM6 and MM8). 

Things we like

Klipsch WA-2 wireless kit comes with a power adapter for the transmitter and one RCA cable with gold-plated connectors. The receiver has an undetachable audio cable with a WA connector. There’s no separate power cable and power adapter for the receiver – it gets power supply through the WA port.

Both units look the same. They are both slim, boxy, and very compact. Both units have LED connection status indicators on the front. On the back of the transmitter, there’s a simple power switch, RCA inputs, and a DC power input. On the back of the receiver, you have that undetachable WA cable we’ve talked about. 

The installation is painless and fast. You just have to connect the transmitter to the audio receiver and connect the WA-2 receiver to the subwoofer. Turn on the transmitter and they will pair automatically. 

The kit utilizes 2.4GHz radio frequency to transmit audio wirelessly. The system features the so-called dynamic channel selection – if you have a wi-fi network or a cordless phone working on the same frequency, the kit will use this dynamic channel selection to automatically change the channel and avoid interference. 

One transmitter can communicate with three receivers which allows you to add additional subwoofers to your speaker system. 

Things we don’t like

Unlike subwoofer kits made by other manufacturers, Klipsch WA-2 can’t work with powered speakers. It won’t even work with all the subwoofers. It’s compatible only with a few Klipsch, Energy, Jamo, and Mirage subwoofers. 

Comparison Table

6. Longest Wireless Range – BIC America WTR-SYS



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The next product on our list of 7 best wireless speaker conversion kits in 2021 comes from BIC America. This manufacturer is famous for its home theater speakers and speaker systems. Their wireless kit is designed for BIC America subs and powered speakers but it will work with numerous subs and speakers made by other manufacturers. 

Things we like

Like most previous kits, WTR-SYS comes with all the cables and power adapters. One thing other RF kits don’t have is the external antenna. Both units from the WTR-SYS kit come with detachable external antennas. This extends the wireless range and makes BIC America WTR-SYS one of the best wireless speaker conversion kits under $100.

Both units look exactly the same – like some mini routers. They are compact and light. On the front side of each unit, you have a channel selector (you can choose between 4 wireless channels) and two LED indicators (power and connection status). On the back of each unit, there’s a micro USB power input, RCA inputs/outputs, and wireless antennas.

The installation is simple and fast. Connect the transmitter to your audio source (AV receiver, stereo amplifier) and connect the receiver to your powered subwoofer or powered speakers. 

The kit uses 2.4GHz frequency for audio transmission and works perfectly fine. The unobstructed range is 80ft. In real-life conditions, you’ll get up to 60ft. One transmitter can stream audio to 4 receivers so you can make a mini multiroom system. 

Things we don’t like

WTR-SYS can’t be connected to AV receivers without pre-amp out RCA jacks.

Some customers had issues with interference. WTR-SYS works on 2.4GHz frequency, just like your home wi-fi, Bluetooth devices, and some cordless phone systems. 

Comparison Table

7. Best Bluetooth Kit with Optical Inputs/Outputs – Avantree TR500

Avantree TR500

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Since we like Avantree so much, we have decided to end our list with the TR500 kit. This kit consists of one TC500 transceiver and one RC500 receiver. Thanks to optical inputs/outputs, this kit is more flexible and more versatile than others. You can even connect your TV directly to the transceiver and send audio to the receiver connected to your powered speakers and enjoy the wireless, delay-free sound.  

Things we like

Like all the previous kits, TR500 comes with all the cables and adapters (including optical audio cable). 

Both units look like tiny wireless routers. There are some differences regarding the inputs/outputs but the overall shape of the units is the same. The transceiver is white and the receiver is black.

On the back panel of the transceiver, you have two sections – inputs and outputs. Each section has AUX and optical connections. The receiver has only output section.

On the top of each unit, there’s a touch-sensitive control panel with input/output selectors, volume buttons, and pairing button. There’s also a bunch of indicators (input, output, and codec indicators). The transceiver has an additional TX/RX mode indicator.

The installation is, as always, fast and simple. It’s not exactly plug-and-play since you have to initiate pairing but it’s pretty close. Also, you just have to pair them once. They will pair automatically with each other the next time you turn them on. 

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The kit uses Bluetooth connection for audio transmission. Both units feature Bluetooth 4.1 and they both support aptX and aptX LL. The range is extended. Under ideal conditions, you will get more than 300ft (unobstructed range). Indoors, you should get at least 100ft. 

TR500 Bluetooth kit delivers impeccable performance without any signal dropouts and without any noticeable delay. In our opinion, this is one of the best Bluetooth kits under $100. 

Things we don’t like

Some customers complained about interference. Since Bluetooth connection works on 2.4GHz frequency, just like your home wi-fi and many other devices, interference is always possible but we’ve had no problems of any kind in our office.

Comparison Table

This was our list of 7 best wireless speaker conversion kits in 2021. Hopefully, it helped you find the right kit for your subwoofer or your powered speakers. If you have any additional questions, we recommend you to go through our FAQs section. If you want to share your experience with wireless kits, feel free to comment. 


Q: Can you convert wired speakers to wireless?

A: Yes, you can turn your wired speakers to wireless. And it’s fairly easy. There are a few ways to do that and we have discussed all the methods in one of our previous articles. In short, to make your wired (active or passive) speakers wireless, you can use Bluetooth kits, RF kits, or even wi-fi kits. You can also use some popular wi-fi devices like Google Chromecast, Echo Dot, SONOS Connect, Bluesound Node 2, etc. If you want to make your passive speakers wireless (without a stereo receiver), you are also going to need a wireless receiver with a built-in amp

Q: How do I connect my wireless speakers to my receiver?

A: If your receiver features Bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooth transmitter capabilities, to be precise) and you have a pair of Bluetooth speakers, then it should be fairly easy to connect them. If your receiver has only a Bluetooth receiver (which is usually the case) or if it’s not Bluetooth-enabled at all, the easiest way to send audio wirelessly to your wireless/Bluetooth speakers is to add a Bluetooth transmitter to your receiver. 

Q: How can I make my old speakers Bluetooth?

A: As discussed in the previous two answers, adding a simple Bluetooth receiver to your powered speakers is a simple and affordable way of making your speakers wireless. If you have a pair of passive bookshelf speakers, then you need a receiver with some kind of built-in amplification (or rather an amplifier with Bluetooth connectivity). 

Q: What can I do with old speakers?

A: Well, if they are still working, you don’t have to throw them away. You shouldn’t throw them away. If you don’t like them or don’t want to use them, you can sell them. If you like them but don’t see a purpose for them since you already have a nice multiroom system, you can make them a part of that system – you just have to find the right device for them. Almost every manufacturer that makes wi-fi speakers with multiroom capabilities also makes amps with wi-fi streaming capabilities that can turn your old passive speakers into wireless speakers

Q: What kind of kit do I need to make my TV speakers wireless?

A: If you’re using a pair of powered/active speakers for the TV, then you need a receiver for the speakers and a transmitter for your TV. If you’re going for Bluetooth kit, make sure that both transmitter and receiver support aptX LL. That way, you will avoid any unwanted sync issues. Some nice RF speaker kit is also a viable option.