About Us

Welcome, We Are AudioReputation

Since the day this website was created, our mission has been the same – helping everyone interested in buying audio equipment to make the right choice. Our love for speakers, headphones, earbuds, surround sound systems, soundbars, audio interfaces, and other audio gear is built into the very foundation of our website. 

The way we discuss our topics is pretty straightforward – we try not to use too many technical terms and confuse you when we are supposed to make things clearer for you. 

The whole point of this website is to give you clear and easy-to-follow guidelines for choosing audio equipment and tips on how to handle the equipment you already have. 

What We Do

To say that we do reviews of various audio products would be an understatement. But it would also be true. A significant part of our job is testing and reviewing audio equipment. We do it every day. Even on Sundays. And there’s always new equipment waiting in line to be tested.

The products we review are tested for at least 7 days. In most cases, the testing period is 2 weeks. We try hard to discover all the weaknesses of the product and to highlight all the strengths. Some of the opinions and observations we make are purely subjective, especially when it comes to sound quality and design. So, it is not impossible to find a statement that you don’t agree with. If that’s your case, we encourage you to contact us or leave a comment and tell us what you think.

Aside from reviews, we also do best-of lists, articles where we compare two or multiple similar products, tutorials, and articles about various technologies used in the audio industry.

Our selection of the best products in a certain category is usually a result of a mutual effort of the whole team. We gather 15-30 different products with the best reviews and ratings, we test them all and compare their specs, features, and performances. Then, we select up to 10 products we like the most and arrange them into 3 or 4 price categories. For each product, there’s a short review where we explain why we picked that exact product and list all the important upsides and downsides. 

We don’t get paid to put a certain product on the list. Members of our AudioReputation Team are the only ones who get to decide which product deserves (or doesn’t deserve) to be included. Our best-of lists are never final – we often update our lists when new products hit the market. 

How We Rate and Review Products

We buy most of the products we review. However, since we don’t have a bottomless pit of money, we also accept products sent to us from the manufacturers for reviews. From time to time, we also borrow equipment from our fellow audiophiles and colleagues from other offices. 

Regardless of how we obtain the product, our review policy is always the same. We are not in the marketing business and we don’t write 5-star reviews just because some manufacturers let us keep their products. We have the freedom to write what we think. Our only responsibility is to give you – our readers, all the necessary information.

The concept of our reviews is pretty much standardized. We discuss the content of the package, design, controls, features, specs, and performance. If there’s anything we don’t like or if we think that a product doesn’t have all the features it’s supposed to have, we tell you that. We try to use vocabulary that doesn’t sound confusing and to explain everything in a way that an average consumer understands. Whenever possible, we avoid using technical terms. 

The work of the whole team is organized and supervised by our editor – Ojash Yadav. He’s been a member of the AudioReputation Team since the very beginning. 

Our ‘No AI’ Policy

All of the content on AudioReputation is created and thoroughly reviewed by a team of expert writers and editors. We have made the conscious choice not to use AI to create content. AI content tends to read carelessly, lacking the preciseness and authenticity our writers add to how-to articles, buying guides, and product reviews. Therefore, our writers depend on their expertise and creative abilities to ensure our content is accurate, reliable, and worth reading. 

Meet the Team

Ian Sniesko


Hello, I’m Ian.

I’m a music producer, musician, and writer for the AudioReputation website. I’ve been involved with making music and the processes revolving around audio technology for longer than I can recall, so I find it amusing to share my knowledge with fellow enthusiasts worldwide when I’m not working with artists or creating new songs.

Along my path as a music maker, I discovered the ability to write informative content, and I decided to embrace it. I’ve written for a few websites about audio and music, including a digital magazine.

I’m particularly passionate about any sort of audio gear: guitar pedals, amplifiers, headphones, and even home speakers. That makes it really joyful for me to review any product related to the subject and give my honest opinion about them. I also frequently write tips and guides for consumer and professional-grade audio.

Pawan Singh

Pawan Singh

Since the time I got my first pair of headphones in 2012, I’ve been fascinated by these little gadgets that have the power to change our moods through our favorite music. Whether it was the cheap $5 earphones or the premium JBL headphones, I have played my favorite music on tons of different audio devices for all these years.

At AudioReputation, I test and review headphones of all kinds. From popular earbuds like the Airpods pro to the expensive HIFIMAN Susvara, I always perform a deep test and present my honest and unbiased opinion to my readers. 

Apart from AudioReputation I’ve also written for other popular sites like Capitalism, Aayushbhaskar, MacBookJournal, and LetsFixThatTech.

How We Earn Money

Our work is entirely supported by You – our readers. We do cooperate with the manufacturers but only to get new products for testing. We don’t get paid for that cooperation. 

Our main source of income is Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Our website is a participant in this program and we get small commissions whenever you click on one of Amazon’s affiliate links and buy some product from Amazon. 

Affiliate Disclosure is posted on every page of our website, right at the top, and you can read it if you want to find out more.

Since recently, we are also members of the Walmart Affiliate Program and we also use Walmart affiliate links. They work in the same way as Amazon Affiliate links.  So, you click on that link, you get redirected to Walmart, you buy something, and we get a small commission.

Our plan for the future is to move from the existing business model to a model that includes direct monetary support from our readers (via Patreon, Podia, BMC, or some similar platform). Or maybe to combine the two, get more money, hire more people, and test more equipment. 

Why AudioReputation

AudioReputation is run by audio enthusiasts and meant for fellow audio enthusiasts. We love sharing our experience and impressions, discussing audio products, and getting in touch with our readers.

We don’t get paid by brands – all of our income comes from the readers. 

We do our best to give you all the information you need to make a decision. We don’t advertise audio products – we review them. When we think that something is not worth the money, we just tell you that. That’s our way of building trust. 

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