5 Best Bluetooth Speakers With Long Battery Life In 2024

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The main topic of this article is the battery life of a Bluetooth speaker. We will discuss different battery-related topics (battery types, average battery life, the correlation between battery life and volume, etc.). After a short introduction, we will present to you our selection of 5 best Bluetooth speakers with long battery life in 2021.

We all want a Bluetooth speaker that sounds good, provides a reliable wireless connection, and has good battery life. Those three things are always crucial and we all pay attention to these features when looking for a Bluetooth speaker. Naturally, these three things are never our only criteria and, depending on the needs and intended purpose, people are also looking for a more or less rugged speaker, a speaker with or without a microphone, more or less premium speaker, or a speaker that has some additional features (like built-in lighting, wireless daisy-chaining, etc.). However, those three features remain our top priorities. 

Before we start with the reviews, it’s important to mention a few important things about batteries and battery life of a Bluetooth speaker. 

More than 90% of all the Bluetooth speakers on the market use Li-ion batteries. They have proven to be the best option for Bluetooth speakers – they provide very reliable performance with a pretty long lifespan and very good reliability. However, some manufacturers also use Lead-acid batteries. These batteries are often very large and very powerful, but they have a shorter lifespan than Li-ion batteries. The manufacturers use them because they are much cheaper, which lowers the price of the speaker. 

The average battery life of a Bluetooth speaker increases every day. Most of today’s speakers can deliver at least 10-15h of playtime per single charge. However, numerous speakers can provide more than 20h. Or even more than 30h. All the speakers on our list of 5 best Bluetooth speakers with long battery life can deliver more than 20 hours of continuous playback.

One thing you should be aware of when checking the speaker’s specs is that the advertised playtime is measured at moderate volumes (usually at 50% volume). So, if the specs say that a certain speaker has 20h battery life, you will get significantly less than 20 hours at full volume (depending on the drivers and power output, you will get 5-8 hours). 

Best Bluetooth Speakers With Long Battery Life – Comparison Table

Bluetooth Speakers with Long Battery LifeRatingPriceReview
NEW SOUNDBOKS4.4Check AmazonRead Review
FUGOO Tough XL4.2Check Amazon
Check Walmart
Read Review
ION Audio Raptor4.3Check Amazon
Check Walmart
Read Review
JBL Boombox4.7Check Amazon
Check Walmart
Read Review
Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM4.5Check Amazon
Check Walmart
Read Review

Now that you know the most important facts about the battery life of a Bluetooth speaker, we can move onto our selection of 5 best Bluetooth speakers with long battery life in 2021. We did comprehensive research, tested numerous Bluetooth speakers, and finally, narrowed the list down to the following 5 products.

5 Best Bluetooth Speakers with Long Battery Life in 2022

1. Best for Outdoor/Indoor Parties – NEW SOUNDBOKS


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 Battery life: 40 hours 

SOUNDBOKS is one of our favorites when it comes to parties and other large events. The NEW SOUNDBOKS is the third version from the SOUNDBOKS speaker line. It’s a great-sounding, feature-rich Bluetooth speaker with very long battery life.

Things we like

Like the previous two SOUNDBOKS speakers, the NEW SOUNDBOKS features a boxy design, but with stronger reinforcements, aluminum frame, and rubberized corner balls. 

Unlike the exterior, the internal design (components and driver arrangement) of the speaker is completely changed. 

The build quality is impressive. The speaker itself is not waterproof but all the internal components are IP65-rated

When it comes to controls, the NEW SOUNDBOKS has only the power button, large volume dial, and TEAM UP button for wireless daisy-chaining. For all the other controls, you have to use your source device (phone, tablet, etc.).

The speaker features Bluetooth 5.0 with an extended range of up to 100ft. The connection is perfectly stable within the advertised range. Besides Bluetooth, the speaker also features the SKAA connection, which is also a wireless connection but it’s used exclusively for wireless daisy-chaining. 4 additional NEW SOUNDBOKS speakers can be paired wirelessly with one HOST speaker (5 wirelessly paired speakers in total). 

The speaker also supports wired daisy-chaining. Thanks to the AUX inputs and outputs on the back of the speaker, you can daisy-chain one NEW SOUNDBOKS with any other speaker with AUX input. Or you can daisy-chain two NEW SOUNDBOKS speakers. 

The NEW SOUNDBOKS also has two 6.35mm/XLR combo ports. You can use them to connect a microphone or a DJ mixer.

The battery is one of the best things about the NEW SOUNDBOKS (and all the SOUNDBOKS speakers). The so-called BATTERYBOKS is a large, rechargeable, and swappable battery. The capacity is 7.8Ah and the continuous playtime is 40 hours (at 50% volume). At max volume, you will get 5 hours, while the recharge takes 3.5 hours. 

One of the biggest differences between the old and new SOUNDBOKS speakers is in the sound. The NEW SOUNDBOKS houses two 10in woofers and one 1in compression driver tweeter, combined with a large side firing pulse reflex port (which is a modified version of the bass reflex port). Due to different crossovers and different driver arrangement, the NEW SOUNDBOKS sounds more sophisticated. The bass is more controlled but still powerful and punchy, the mids are more detailed and dynamic, and the highs are pretty consistent. The speaker is extremely loud – the max SPL level is 126dBs. 

Things we don’t like

The speaker doesn’t have any buttons for playback control – you have to use your phone, or some other Bluetooth device to control everything. 

Compared to the previous two SOUNDBOKS speakers, the NEW SOUNDBOKS is not as bassy. If you prefer that kind of sound, SOUNDBOKS 1 and SOUNDBOKS 2 are better options. They are also cheaper and have the same battery life. 

Comparison Table

2. Best Small Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker – FUGOO Tough XL


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Battery life: 35 hours

Looking for something small and easily portable for outdoor use? FUGOO Tough XL is a perfect choice. As the name implies, this is an extremely rugged speaker with a reliable connection and a surprisingly loud output. 

Things we like

FUGOO XL speaker consists of two parts – core and jacket. The core is shaped like a trapezoidal prism and it’s the part that contains all the electronic components and drivers, while the jacket is just a protection that gives it a different look. There are three jackets available – tough jacket, style jacket, and sports jacket. The speaker comes with only one – you can buy the other two separately. The tough jacket is, naturally, the toughest and gives you the best protection for outdoor use. 

The build quality is quite impressive – FUGOO Tough XL is IP67 rated, which means that it’s fully waterproof and dustproof. It’s also shockproof. 

All the controls are on the top. They are simple, intuitive, and responsive. You can also control the speaker with a remote but you have to buy it separately. On the left panel, you have a DC power input (19V charging adapter included), micro USB port for updates, and a USB port for charging phones (not for music playback). On the right side, there’s the AUX input, pairing button, and one LED indicator. All the inputs are protected with rubber flaps.

The speaker features Bluetooth 4.1. The list of supported codecs includes the most common SBC and AAC, as well as aptX. More advanced aptX HD and aptX Adaptive are not supported. 

One of the best features, along with the build quality and sound, is battery life. The speaker can deliver 35 hours of continuous playback per one charge. Thanks to such a powerful battery, FUGOO can also charge your phone while playing. 

The speaker also has a built-in mic so you can use it to answer or make calls handsfree. 

FUGOO XL features symmetrically arranged drivers on the front and rear panels. On each side, you have one woofer, two tweeters, and one passive bass radiator. Thanks to such an arrangement, the speaker delivers 360° sound. There are two sound modes – outdoor and normal. The sound is powerful and surprisingly loud. The bass is present but not incredibly deep – after all, this is a small speaker and it would be unreasonable to expect some serious rumble. The mids are clear, articulate, and detailed. The highs are fairly consistent and maybe just a little bit brighter. 

One more great thing about FUGOO is that there’s a mount kit for it. However, just like the remote and jackets, the kit is sold separately.

Things we don’t like

The speaker is quite expensive. Depending on the seller, the price can go over $200. This can hardly be considered affordable for a speaker of this size.

At this price, we have expected some advanced features like NFC and multipoint pairing, wireless daisy-chaining, aptX HD support, etc. However, none of these things is supported.

Comparison Table

3. Best for Tailgating – ION Audio Raptor

ION Audio Raptor

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 Battery life: 75 hours 

ION Audio is best known for its large tailgate and party speakers. Raptor is one of the most popular speakers of this kind. It’s very rugged, fairly loud, and has a very large battery. Oh, and it has a nice lightbar.

Things we like

ION Audio Raptor is a boxy, suitcase-like speaker. It’s fairly large but still compact and easily transportable. It has two strong handles on the left and right panels, as well as a telescoping handle on the top and wheels on the bottom. Transporting the speaker will not be an issue. 

The cabinet is quite rugged. It’s made of hard and thick plastic and then reinforced with rubber. The drivers are protected with a strong metal grille with the Ford logo (because the speaker is made in cooperation with Ford). Raptor is IPX4 certified (it’s splash-proof). 

The speaker is super easy to use. All the controls are on the front. You have a dedicated button for each source, buttons for playback control, dials for mic and master volume, and a small display in the middle. All the audio inputs/outputs are also located on the front and are protected with rubber flaps. On the left side of the control panel, you have a 3.5mm input and mic input. On the right end, there’re two USB charge-out ports. On the back of the speaker, there’re two power/charging inputs – AC input and a DC 12V input. 

Raptor is Bluetooth-enabled and provides a stable connection within a 100ft range. It supports NFC pairing. Besides Bluetooth and AUX connection, the speaker also has a built AM/FM tuner (with 20 presets). 

The battery inside this thing is huge. It has the capacity of 7Ah and can provide up to 75 hours at moderate volumes.

The speaker has the mic input and it comes with a wired mic, which makes it perfect for karaoke parties. The mic delivers mediocre performance but it’s perfectly usable. Another great thing is the lightbar on the front panel. The bar can pulsate to the beat or it can glow steadily. Or you can turn it off if you don’t need the lighting. 

8in woofer and 3in tweeter are responsible for the sound. The sound signature is bass-heavy, with fairly articulate and detailed mids, and somewhat dull highs. So, it’s pretty good for parties. 

Things we don’t like

Like all the ION Audio speakers, Raptor uses a lead-acid battery, not Li-ion. Lead-acid batteries are cheaper but they also have a shorter lifespan. The good news is that the battery can be replaced fairly easily and you can buy a spare one from the ION Audio. 

The speaker is not fully waterproof, only splash-proof. So, if you are throwing a pool party, make sure that the speaker is not too close to water. 

The USB ports are used for charging only. They can’t be used for music playback. 

Comparison Table

4. Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Pool Parties – JBL Boombox

JBL Boombox

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Battery life: 24 hours

JBL is one of the most famous and most popular brands when it comes to portable Bluetooth speakers. JBL Boombox is supposed to be the most powerful portable boombox-style Bluetooth speaker. It’s basically a supersized JBL Charge with a strong plastic handle on the top. The speaker is very rugged, fully waterproof (IPX7), super-easy to use, it has a huge battery, and it’s very loud. It’s our top choice for pool parties

Things we like

The manufacturer opted for the old-school boombox design but tried to modernize it and made a very sleek and recognizable speaker. The build quality is impeccable. Thanks to that famous JBL protective fabric, the speaker is fully waterproof. On the bottom of the speaker, there’s a large rubberized stand with 5 LED battery indicators on the front. On the back of the stand, there’s the sound mode button (indoor/outdoor), and a rubber flap protecting two USB charge-out ports, AUX input (for connecting analog audio sources), DC power input, and a micro USB port for firmware updates.

The controls are fairly simple. They are all located on the front side, right at the top. There are 6 buttons and you can use them to control the playback and volume, initiate pairing, pair multiple speakers together, or turn on/off the speaker. 

JBL Boombox features Bluetooth 4.1. The range extends up to 50ft. The pairing is fast and painless. Thanks to the JBL Connect+ feature and JBL Connect app, you can pair more than 100 Boombox speakers together wirelessly. 

The speaker houses a huge 20Ah battery. The advertised playtime at 50% volume is 24h, while the recharge takes up to 7h. You can also play music while charging. Because of such a huge battery, the Boombox has two USB charge-out ports. You can charge two phones simultaneously while listening to music. 

On top of all these features, the speaker also has a built-in mic so you can use it to make or answer calls handsfree. 

JBL Boombox houses 4 drivers (two 4in woofers + two .8in tweeters) and two passive bass radiators on the left and right end. All the woofers and tweeters are located on the front side. You have two modes – indoor and outdoor (to switch between them, you have to press the mode button on the back). The indoor mode provides a more balanced sound with clearer mids and highs. The outdoor mode elevates the bass response and it’s more appropriate for parties. The speaker is also pretty loud. 

Things we don’t like

Even though it looks like it delivers 360° sound, it actually doesn’t. All the drivers are on the front side and the sound is very directional. 

Comparison Table

5. Best for Small House Parties – Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM

Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM

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Battery life: 24 hours

UE is, just like JBL, a very popular brand when it comes to portable Bluetooth speakers. The UE’s BOOM speaker line (WONDERBOOM, BOOM, MEGABOOM) is one of the highest-rated speaker lines on the market. HYPERBOOM is the latest speaker from the BOOM line. It is, by far, the loudest and bassiest UE speaker. It’s also the speaker with the longest battery life. 

Things we like

HYPERBOOM features a simple boxy shape. It looks very sleek, very elegant, mostly thanks to the fabric wrapped around the speaker. Top and bottom panels are rubberized. The speaker is solidly built but not extremely rugged. It’s splash-proof (IPX4 rating). 

On the top, you have large + and – buttons (volume controls), power button, and a tiny input/playback control button. On the back, there’s a pull-out rubber strap for transportation and a weather door (rubber flap). When you remove the flap, you will see a micro USB port for firmware updates, USB charge-out port, optical input, AUX input, and power input. 

The speaker features Bluetooth 4.2. The pairing is fast and the connection is reliable and stable. Under ideal conditions, the range extends over 150ft. The speaker supports multipoint pairing (pair two devices simultaneously). HYPERBOOM also supports wireless daisy-chaining. You can pair it with multiple other BOOM speakers and get a louder sound. The BOOM app that comes with the speaker, allows you to pair multiple BOOM speakers together, adjust the EQ settings (presets + 5 adjustable EQ bands), set the alarm, etc. 

The HYPERBOOM has a massive Li-ion rechargeable battery. The battery can deliver up to 24 hours of continuous playback. The speaker also has a USB charge-out port. The recharge takes up to 4 hours.

Recommended Reading :

The HYPERBOOM features two 4.5in woofers, two 1in tweeters, and two passive bass radiators. The sound signature is very bassy, very powerful. And it can also get very loud. The speaker has a built-in mic that’s used for adaptive EQ. Whenever you move this speaker, it will recalibrate the sound and give you the best sound for your room. If you don’t like the results, you can play with the EQ settings and make your own sound profile. 

Things we don’t like

Unlike other BOOM speakers, this one is not fully dustproof and waterproof. It’s only splash-proof. 

Some Amazon customers had complaints regarding the PartyUp feature. As you already know, it’s possible to pair multiple speakers from the BOOM line together to get a louder sound. Some customers experienced connection issues when trying to pair multiple speakers together. We’ve managed to pair it with the MEGABOOM 3 and it worked flawlessly. 

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Comparison Table

This was our list of 5 best Bluetooth speakers with long battery life. Hopefully, it helped you find the right speaker for your needs. If you want to find out more, you should go through our FAQs section. If you have any additional questions or want to share your experience with a certain Bluetooth speaker, feel free to leave a comment. 


Q: Which Bluetooth Speaker has the longest battery life?

A: If you are looking for a large speaker (for parties, for tailgating), ION Audio speakers, ECOXGEAR speakers, as well as SOUNDBOKS speakers, have very long battery life. For example, ION Audio Raptor provides 75h at 50% vol, ECOXGEAR EcoTrek provides more than 50h at 50% vol, while the SOUNDBOKS speakers provide up to 40 hours at 50% volume. 

If you need something slightly smaller but still fairly loud, try JBL Boombox (up to 24h) or UE Hyperboom (24h).

If you want something small and easily portable, there are numerous options to choose from and you can find some of the greatest on our list of 5 best Bluetooth speakers with long battery life (FUGOO Tough XL, Altec Lansing Life Jacket XL, Marshall Stockwell, DALI Katch, etc.). 

Q: What is the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker with long battery life?

A: If you want a fully waterproof (IPX7-rated) Bluetooth speaker with long battery life, you can try ECOXGEAR EcoTrek (IP67), JBL Boombox (IPX7), FUGOO Tough XL (IP67), Altec Lansing Life Jacket XL (IP67), or JBL Charge 4. 

Q: What is the best Bluetooth speaker with long battery life for outdoors?

A: Any of the speakers mentioned in the previous answer are perfect for different kinds of outdoor use. In fact, every speaker from our list of 5 best Bluetooth speakers with long battery life is good for outdoor use. They are not all equally rugged and equally durable, which is something you must have in mind when looking for a speaker, but they are all designed for outdoor use. After all, that’s why they all have powerful batteries. 

Q: What is the loudest Bluetooth speaker with long battery life?

A: Of all the speakers we’ve tested in the past, the loudest Bluetooth speaker with the longest battery life is the NEW SOUNDBOKS (126dB SPL, 40-hour battery life). But that’s not the only loud Bluetooth speaker with long battery life. JBL Boombox, ECOXGEAR EcoTrek, ION Audio Raptor, and UE HYPERBOOM are all very loud. 

Q: What is the best mini Bluetooth speaker with long battery life?

A: If you are looking for a small Bluetooth speaker with long battery life, some of the best options are DALI Katch, SONY SRS-XB41, Marshall Stockwell, FUGOO Tough XL, etc. 

Q: What to look for, besides battery life, when buying a Bluetooth speaker?

A: As mentioned in the introduction, three top priorities are sound quality (bassy, balanced, treble-heavy), Bluetooth connection reliability (Bluetooth version, range, Bluetooth codecs, multipoint pairing, etc.), and battery life. 

Naturally, we are always looking for more than just three things and we are all trying to get the most for our money. Depending on the intended purpose for the speaker, you will be looking for different additional features. For example, if you’re looking for a party/tailgate speaker, you should be looking for a large and loud Bluetooth speaker. You should be also looking for something fairly rugged, maybe even IPX-certified. Mic connections and built-in lights are also great features for a party or a DJ speaker. 

If you want something easily portable for outdoor use, you should also pay attention to the size and build quality. IPX rating, again, is highly desirable. Also, some people like the handsfree feature.

One thing we must never forget is the budget. Our choice is always based on the money we have at our disposal. Finding the speaker that fits your budget and has all the features that you need is, sometimes, a very difficult task. Especially if the budget is very limited

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